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Terrazzo flooring  is a composite of a natural marble chips mixed with marble powder – cement and water. When the chips are placed with a design then, the result is that of mosaics. When they are of indefinite shape, set at random we have the creation of Terrazzo.

The origin of the marble chips is that the terrazzo takes its name from.
First   the Venetians and then the Greeks since the old times have invented Terrazzo.
In many countries abroad, they have become fashionable again because people have realized their value for the following  reasons :

        Terrazzo Advantages

  1. In a building construction Terrazzo flooring is in complete conformity with the building
  2. They are no joints, it is an even flooring without any altitudinal differences.
  3. Through polishing they reveal the natural beauty of the stones.
  4. They can take any  form as well as any color  we wish.
  5. No other material can sustain in time so much as Terrazzo flooring particularly in exterior areas.
  6. They are more preferable in the terraces of buildings as the best solution since they have no joints, no humidity can penetrate then especially in exterior areas.

Try to imagine other materials replacing Terrazzo flooring after 40 – 50 years .

As far as construction is concerned, Terrazzo flooring offers artistic value and reminds people of the unique beauty of ancient years.

  1.  The polishing we apply, is the natural polishing of the marble of the marble chips themselves and not a covering of different liquid substances. We can construct any terrazzo flooring, with a design or without a design according to the preference of the customer. The tear and wear that can be created over the years is repaired (restored) and the procedure of repair includes grouting of the marble chips that have been removed, the grouting of any cracks and the grinding-polishing of the passage of the time.

All the world, now, understands the perpetual value of terrazzo flooring and has become their first and foremost preference
when it has to do with the construction of floors.



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